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Noma integrated technology solutions is a Digital and software company since 2016. We are a team of service oriented, simplicity focused and customer centric individuals who offer solutions with integrity. Our team consists on-site and remote members who deliver useful service for your business across all the components of our value offering. We think, We work and We care.

  • Web & Software Development
  • Mobile app development
  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce app development
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Why Choose Us.

Our core values of Simplicity, Service, Customer centricity and Integrity are our guide to achieve this vision. We constantly work to improve our value offering to you better than other similar agencies.

What We Do.

We love using technology for service and help you to create value for your business. Nomatech realizes that all businesses need to beat competitors, get more sales, maintain current clients, get more clients, manage internal processes and create an enticing digital brand.

Web Development

Get a website today the nomatech web design way to showcase portfolio for your business, improve your digital brand, get more customers and sales leads. We work with MSMES such tech startups, churches, schools, shops, companies, hotels, clubs, hospitals, pharmacies, or other product or service that you offer or intend to offer. We are committed to simplistic, mobile responsive and high performing websites with next gen web technology.

Mobile Application Development

The rate of smartphones usage is constantly on the rise and this represents an opportunity for your business to capture. Noma technology gives you mobile apps compatible with IOS, Android and Windows devices. An opportunity to tap into the mobile phones market, improve sales and customer retention.

E commerce Platforms

E-commerce online shops open more sales channels for your business. Nomatech gives you the power to harness the ever-growing internet as a marketplace for your products. Get more product sales and drive profit with us today Noma technology develops highly secured e-commerce platforms that can be integrated with online payments channels to ensure that you gain more profit for your business..

Custom software

There are numerous problems that your business can be having which can be be solved with software technology. These business problem related to payroll, records, API, attendance, security etc. Therefore, Noma Technology offers custom software for your problems in diverse industries ranging from betting, hospitality, healthcare, churches, beauty and wellness, food, agro-allied, fashion, media and entertainment and finance clusters. Noma technology's products for you include customized desktop software, web services, api development, portal development, payment systems and other client needs.

IT Training

Young people and professionals can gain from nomatech's vast array of experience and expertise in technology. We offer to help you gain valuable skills in Information Technology, Software and Digital Technology. These skills make you equiped for the 21st century labour force both as a valued employee and as an aspiring business owner and enterpreneur. Contact us for specialized training.

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